Bid Confirmation 


Please fill out the form below to confirm the services you would like us to perform or NOT perform.  This form will accurately update your contact information, and enter your desired services into our system.  We really appreciate you taking the time to fill this out as it simplifies our bid confirmation process.  By completing this form, you are signing an agreement with the understanding that you are giving us approval to go ahead and complete each service you have selected.  



Please remember the terms of this agreement.  If at any time you would like to change or cancel a service / services,  email me directly at  Please be specific as to what services you would like to cancel.  Please make sure if you would like all services cancelled, you make that clear. 


Bid Confirmation Form

Customer Information
Name of business being serviced that is listed on the bid. (Commercial Properties)
Name *
Residential Customers or Primary Contact Person for Commercial Properties
Address *
Please confirm your current address here. Please be sure to enter your exact address, so we can easily find your property with our navigation. Please include your zip code extension. Example 55369-(1126) *Please leave address 2 line blank.
Phone *
Best number to reach you at
New Customer? *
Are you a new customer of ours?
Billing Method *
How would you prefer receiving your invoices?
Lawn Size? *
Please select the lawn size according to the lawn size that is listed on the bid you received by us.
Please select the services you would like us to perform or NOT perform this season
*These services are listed in order to reflect the bid you received by us
Spring Cleanup / De-thatching *
Fall Cleanup *
Aerating *
Spring and fall is recommended for heavy compacted clay soils.
Fertilizing *
Please choose a program or individual applications. (90 day, slow release granular)
Herbicide *
Please choose a program or individual applications. Broad-leaf weed control (Liquid Applications)
Snapshot (Weed Preventative) *
Prevents weed germination in landscape beds for up to 6 months.
Pruning (Shrubs) *
$60.00 per man hour, plus disposal fee
Pruning (Trees) *
$60.00 per man hour, plus disposal fee
Lawn Mowing *
Power Edging *
Done mechanically along concrete edges. Optional - $50.00 per man hour, plus disposal fee
Weekly Roundup Applications *
This is done weekly, weather permitting. (Billed out monthly.)
Irrigation Services *
Commercial Parking Lot Sweeping
Residential customers please select NONE.
Snow Removal Services *
NOTE: If you are a new customer and did not receive a bid for snow removal, please select...(Yes) - I am interested in a bid for the upcoming winter season. Snow removal bids are emailed to you upon your request in early October. If you do not receive a snow removal bid in October, please email me and let me know.
Please be sure to note any special requests or limitations.
Please rate this bid confirmation process. "Optional"
Please carefully double check your selections before submitting your confirmation
Customer Bid Confirmation Agreement / Contract *
I understand that I will only be billed for the services that I have selected on this form by Mark's Lawn Service, Inc. I understand that these services will be billed out at the end of each month upon completion and agree to pay for these services in a timely manner. I agree to notify if I would like to change or cancel any services. I agree to notify if I am ever not 100% satisfied with the services I receive.

Your bid confirmation will be sent to and your requests will be updated in our system. We will respond as soon as we can letting you know we have received your bid confirmation, and you will receive a copy showing what services you have selected. Please allow 1-2 business days for a response. If you do not get a response, feel free to email me to let me know. 


Mark's Lawn Service, Inc.