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Here are a few services we provide in the spring.

  • Irrigation System Start Up
    • RPZ Testing available

  • Monthly Irrigation Inspection "Sign Up Now"
    • Includes the following:
      • Checking correct irrigation timer operation
      • Valves coming on by clock
      • Unclogging heads if necessary (possibly replace filter)
      • Adjustments of spray patterns
      • Checking for line breaks
      • Checking for proper irrigation coverage
      • Replacement of clock back up battery
      • Seasonal Clock adjustments ( Start times, zone run times, watering days, etc)
      • Rain Sensor operation
    • Benefits of a Monthly inspection.
      • Saves on water consumption
      • Prevents costly repairs
      • Maintains the best water coverage
      • Makes sure the rain sensor is working properly
      • Watering times are adjusted to the current weather conditions

  • Top Dress Mulch Beds

    • Dyed Mulch
Red, Orange, Brown

    • Western Red Cedar, Cypress


  • Landscaping Projects
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    • Free estimates
    • Landscape Design prices vary.

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